Our wide range of in-house production facilities allow us to control every aspect of manufacture, and our superior knowledge of all making materials will enable us to always find the best substrate for any project. We are experts in logistically managing large scale installations.

VM & Window Display

We can provide all aspects of a project from the initial brief the client provides to the installation of the high quality, finished display. Trick of the Eye Ltd will conduct a thorough site survey, plan a project build for your approval before commencing production in our in-house workshop. Keeping the work in-house allows us to keep you up to date every step of the way and allows us to ensure that your vision is realised to exacting standards. Our expert team have been a consistent supplier for most London based high-end retail outlets, such as Selfridges and Harrods for over 10 years.

Events & Exhibitions

Trick of the Eye Ltd will tackle any job, no matter how bizarre. From a giant artificial cake to a life- size Diplodocus - we relish a challenge! TOTE have been bringing large-scale projects and temporary exhibitions to life for many years finding solutions to cater for all budgets. If required, we can take your designs from full production in our workshop through to installation at the venue itself. If your exhibition is a touring exhibition, we also have the facilities to store your stand until the next event.

Product Design and Toy Development

Our Team have worked with leading blue-chip companies such as Hasbro, Procter & Gamble and Unilever to provide prototypes of new, innovative products in highly confidential projects. We understand that most projects are time sensitive and we will ensure that we will have your prototype ready for that all-important pitch. Using our extensive range of facilities, whether it be 3D printing, CNC machining, moulding & casting or laser cutting. We are perfectly equipped to create your design in the best possible way.

3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping

Whether your project requires a basic model for proof of concept or a highly finished, production quality prototype, we can supply 3D prints in all printable substrates including SLA, FDM, SLS and Metal. We can supply the prototype in raw format or undergo our meticulous finishing (including a spray painted finish, in any colour) by our expert model makers.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a stable requisite for most projects whether it be for the retail environment or rapid prototyping needs. Our in-house laser cutter can cut acrylic, MDF, plywood and almost any other substrate known to be suitable. Upon special request, we can even supply laser cut metal sheet. We are not afraid to push the boundaries of the capability of our laser cutter and we love to experiment. We also offer a same-day service for those super urgent projects.

CNC Machining

At Trick Of The Eye we have a wealth of experience in taking a client’s computer generated concept and realising it in a range of materials including: chemi wood, plastics, metals, and numerous other substrates. CNC machining is also the prime requisite for vacuum forming tools, which we can deliver from tool to manufacture of the finished CNC trimmed product. If required, our CAD technicians can work with you to ready your 3D design for machining. Upon special request we can CNC in 6 axis for those beautifully complex designs.

General Carpentry

General carpentry is the staple of our workshop. We create everything from bespoke exhibition furniture to unusual veneered sculptures for window displays. We love working with all types of substrate and it is our passion to utilise the traditional skills we trained in and have continued to develop over the years. We fuse established methods with modern technology to ensure that we deliver the very best for our clients.


For those unique, specialist projects we have highly skilled sculptors who can realise your vision (be it a specific, polished idea or vague design concept sketched on a napkin) for that one-off show- stopping piece, prototype, or proof of concept. Size does not matter here at TOTE. We can sculpt everything from a 1” toy figure to a 5m pineapple. Our extensive knowledge of all materials enables us to find the perfect substrate to meet your needs such as, but not exclusively, clay, polystyrene or wood carving.

Moulding, Casting & Fibreglass

If your project requires small batch production, our in-house moulding and casting facilities can tackle any project. Our extensive knowledge of casting materials and their properties allows us to find the right substrate for your finished product. We can cast polyurethane resins, rubber, medical grade epoxies and numerous others. To achieve the best castings possible, our highly experienced technicians will mould your master with extreme precision to minimise split lines. We are also experts in fibre glassing and can create super durable castings should you require them.

Spray painting, Graphics and High-level finishing

With such a high level of experience, technical knowledge and skill, our finishing list is endless…whether we can offer it in-house or from one of our trusted suppliers, just let us know what you require and we’ll deliver. Our list includes (but is not restricted to) … - Spray painting - Scenic painting - Mannequin Make-up - Vinyls - Rub down graphics including foils - Extreme quality prints - In-house colour matching - Vacuum metalising - Flocking - Metal plating - Powder coating

3D CAD Creation

At TOTE we can 3D realise your designs or ideas ready for 3D printing or CNC machining. Our technicians will sculpt and render your creation and make fine adjustments until fully approved by you, our client. This is an incredibly cost-effective process to technically see the end result before production commences allowing clients to get the best return on investments.

Vacuum Forming, Welding & More

From start to finish, we can service your vacuum forming needs including initial CAD creation, tool making, production and any trimming required. In addition, we can spray paint your vacuum formings in any colour or textured finish. TOTE has an in-house welding facility. If a build requires increased strength we will weld an internal armature to ensure its durability. Some projects require an actual metal finish so we can fabricate your design in an array of metals in different finishes. If you cannot find the service you require listed here, please get in touch. We have a wealth of experience in so many disciplines, that it is difficult to list them all!